Stratford Tax Studio


We have had a some great comments from our client since starting, please see a selection below…

“Jayne is god send for a small business owner – she clearly communicates issues and provides invaluable advice. I know that my accounts and tax are all in order and am free to concentrate on developing my business.”
Barney Jeffries, Bright White Space

“Thank you for all your help.  I much prefer dealing with a small business rather than a bigger firm – excellent service.”

“Thank you so much for turning this around so quickly.  It is very hard to find someone who really understands complicated tax issues and I am very grateful to you and your expertise.”

“I must applaud your ability to not ‘catastrophise’ this. Your predecessor gave me a lecture, panicked me (not easy to do) into believing I was in real trouble with HMRC then never mentioned it again. Hence he is no longer my accountant. I really do appreciate your calm and clear advice.”

“Talking to you has made transferring my business to the UK seem much less daunting.  I am sure that your blend of experience, knowledge, professional approach and the one-to-one personal contact will provide me with the tailor-made accountancy service to support my business here in England.”

“Thank you for your support of my business.  You are constantly ahead of the game – book keeping and payroll are done promptly – and you always manage to spot the tax opportunities.  You also offer fantastic value for money.”

“You saved me over £2,500 of income tax just by looking carefully at the interaction between my various sources of income.  You don’t just do the job, you always do a thorough review to ensure I am in the best position”

“I value your service because you are not just a tax adviser, you always think outside of the box and look for opportunities”

“I do not worry about the quarterly VAT returns or missed deadline anymore as I know that the financial side my business is in good hands”

“We are glad that we found you again. You are approachable and enjoyable to work with and you have great all round knowledge.”

“First class tax advice for a very fair fee .  A win win situation”